HBCI & connections to budgeting apps

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Sorry for the English...


I'm trying to connect my comdirect accounts to an expense tracking app (trying with Spendee or WalletApp at the moment), and I had the following questions -


  • My credit-card account doesn't appear on the list of connected accounts; is there any set-up on the comdirect side that I need to do?
  • How do I know which Comdirect HBCI to select from? There seems to be 4-5 to choose from...
  • Does anyone have any recommendations for a good app for tracking expenses and creating budgets? Looking for something with good UX, which can connect to comdirect accounts...


Many thanks!

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hi, unfortunately the community staff is for legal reasons not allowed to communicate in english. So i try to reply.


Unfortunately i have no idea why the creditcard isnt displayed, did you try to sync the bank account again? Maybe your apps arent supporting these HBCI events.

I think comdirect is using HBCI/Fints 3.0


I am using Outbank and it is working verry well, so this would be my recommendation.


I hope i could help you somehow.

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To choose the right comdirect when selecting from the list, you have to look at the BIC - comdirect has 4 different ones. You can see yours on your card or in the „Meine Daten“ section of your online banking.

The credit card should be shown without any issues, you maybe just selected the „wrong“ comdirect from the list. The only thing that won’t work over HBCI are transfers from and to the Visa card.