Kontokündigung !! Account been cancelled ... credit score problem

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I was here before to tell my story about my account been cancelled.. here is another question. If the bank cancel my account without any reason given. Will my „credit score“ being affected as well?? That is a very serious problem for the future for me in Germany.  


They just hide all the reason behind.  That is not fair to me if my credit score being damaged.  I will consider a legal action. Anyone have the same concern? 

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Current accounts do influence a credit score to some extend, but way less than you might think. The Schufa for example thinks it is a plus if a customer has a long relationship with a bank. But as long as the bank doesn’t close an account due to overdue credit payments or outstanding credit card bills, there won’t be a negativ entry in your credit history.


Closing a current account won’t affect your score in a way that you won’t be able to open an account somewhere else.


If you want to know what the credit bureau knows about you, you can ask for a Selbstauskunft there.