Account been cancelled

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Zum Thema "muß ich befürchten, daß auch mein Konto von comdirect gekündigt wird?" bitte hier klicken.




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@ma_argentina  schrieb:

Ich spreche Deutsch aber fuer mich ist besser auf Englisch zu screiben als viele internationalle Leute interessiert sich um eine Konto in Deutschland zu eroeffnen.  Deshalb es ist ratsam diese Leute, die in der majoritaet Englisch sprechen, kennen dass Comdirect jetzt diskriminiert.


Alle Comdirect Kunde, die seine Konto wurde geschlossen or wird geschlossen, sind von Ausland. 


Wo ist die Deutsche Verbraucherschützer?  Es ist notwendig die schwache Seite (die Kunde) zu schutzen. Bitte machen die Beschwerde gegen Comdirect!

Hi @ma_argentina,

even though I understand your anger, legally speaking you are probably wrong.


a) As non-EU residents you are most likely not shielded by any consumer protection laws.

b) comdirect is a German bank. There is no obligation _at all_ for them to correspond in English. Even more, the AGB only exist in German, and in the opening process you have declared to have read and understood those AGB. As you declared to have understood German legal text, there should not be any hurdle for you to communicate in German (or did you make false statements during the opening process?)

c) As per §19.1 of those AGB (that you read and understood), the bank is allowed to terminate the contract at any time (with notice). Thus discussing it is mood.


To sum up: There is no point in arguing, move on, even if it is a hassle.

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@akh  schrieb:

Das man kündigen darf ist normal. Das ist bei anderen Banken ja auch so. Aber ich höre halt nirgends davon, dass es auch getan wird.

Doch, das wird es. Und man kann auch davon hören. Ganz öffentlich gibt es z.B. regelmäßig entsprechende Threads im Forum der Consorsbank. Sowohl dort wie hier betrifft es ganz überwiegend Menschen mit ausländischem Steuer- oder Wohnsitz.




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As a Company serving their customers, we choice ur bank build on the trust and ur reputation. Now comdirect like playing a „music chair“ when the music stop .. u are out!!! For the foreigners have ur bank account. I feel extremely disappointed, also ur service and handling. You are a bank but not just a supermarket. U suddenly cancelled my account after 4 years. If u rejected my application on the first hand. I have nothing to say. Now u make me feel myself like a mafia or some bad people that use ur bank to transfer those black money.... I am not!!! I just a normal people who study in German before and all the transactions just in supermarket, DM , Bahn .. usw..... i think i will report to newspaper/media about ur in-transparent policy that made people so helpless .. 

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Du kannst schreiben was Du möchtest, es ändert nichts an der Sache.

Die Bank hat Dir gekündigt, was nach AGB vollkommen rechtens ist.

Die Gründe für die Kündigung sind hier im Forum vollkommen wurscht.

Du kannst so viele Zwergenaufstände probieren wie Du möchtest, aber Du sitzt immer am kürzeren Ende.

Nimm die Kündigung einfach hin und suche Dir eine nue Bank.

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@Billy1234: Again, this is most likely not directed against you. Probably it is some new procedures that are required by Germany, the EU or your country (Hongkong/China) where the implementation is just not feasible given the handful of customers .


Think yourself: You'd be in charge in a bank. Now Hongkong requires some new reporting for all of its citizens in foreign banks (CRS and alike). Assuming that the reporting itself would not collide with German law, the implementation would cost 500k EUR. You look into your customer database and see: 4 customers from Hongkong (neither of which holds a couple of millions). What are you going to do: Spend the 500k EUR? Or decide that it is just not worth the hassle and terminate their contracts?


You are probably better off with Deutsche Bank, HSBC or one of the many Chinese banks that also operate in Germany.




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Thx for ur point of view. Hope comdirect have a staff helpful like to can give a clear answer and even in English.


I assume what u said is the answer from comdirect . So it’s don’t even make sense. Hong Kong and Germany have both very open and good Finanz System for disclose and exchange all the enquiry of their customers from other countries. It’s strictly by law in both countries and it’s a normal things and duty for a bank. U sounds like comdirect will hide all the customers information like  Switzerland!!!! even I informed HSBC that I have a bank account also in Germany when I convert my Hong Kong dollars into euro . ( because HSBC only serve company clients in Germany but not individual people ) 

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Guten Tag Necoro,


I am in need of responding to Necoro as he did NOT understand anything of my previous posting:


1)consumer protection laws have the purpose to protect the WEAKEST part: the consumer, who is in huge disadvantage towards the powerful corporations like banks. The fact that Comdirect explicitely stated that it is (was) open to customers worldwide will make a difference when invoking consumer protection. In fact, residing out of the EU is even something that can favour future complaints or legal actions agains Comdirect.


2Necoro, you didn´t understand anythig here!!  I wrote in English in this forum but with Comdirect I ONLY communicate in German. I clearly stated that it is better to post HERE in English as this thread can be read more widely in order to avoid suffering and hassle for potential customers of Comdirect so they do NOT waste time and energy in contacting Comdirect if they live outside Germany. Is it clear now?


3)Necoro, your position here is RETROGRADE and REACTIONARY. The right to terminate a bank account (in the case of Comdirect, they want to terminate the whole bank relationship, not just one account) is NOT an absolute right. NO right is absolute and there are several legal actions that did put a limit to corporations trying to TRAMPLE  the helpless consumers.  Ombudsmen in several countries have acted against BANK ABUSE as well.


I encourage ALL damages customers of Comdirect to lodge complaints to the different authorities in Germany and Europe, some of them I detail here:


- UK European Consumer Centre (ECC-Net):

Trading Standards Institute

1 Sylvan Court, Sylvan Way

Southfields Business Park

Basildon, Essex SS15 6TH


- Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)

283, route d’Arlon

L-1150 Luxembourg 

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that is also what I think ! Customers always “weak” when facing those big companies. They just like a “king” to work and decide Everything in the a darkroom / under the table with all the unfair and intrasperent policy.  I am also worry their action of cancellation of my account will affect negatively to my credit score or credit record!!! 

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@Billy1234  schrieb:


I assume what u said is the answer from comdirect .



[rest of your post]



@ma_argentina: You have no clue obviously. What concerns the CSSF of Luxemburg should have with a German bank is outside my understanding.


Anyways: I'm now leaving this thread, as you two are only interested in spouting and not in actual discussions.